crate training a lab puppy 5 easy steps

This video,, can also be seen at free, comprehensive and in-depth guide to crate training your Labrador puppy by best selling author and labrador expert pippa Mattinson. Step-by-step training instructions and a crate training schedule chart included. The main purposes of a crate are to help a puppy with learning to be clean in the home.To crate train a puppy during the day, put the crate in a busy area of the house and let your puppy explore it. Next, gradually move its food and water bowls inside the crate over the course of a few days. Then, close the crate door during meals and slowly extend how long you keep the pup inside after each meal.Throughout my life I've learned how to potty train a puppy using various methods and have found the easiest way to potty train a dog or puppy.4 Steps on Crate Training a Puppy : Step 1: Introducing Your Puppy to Their Kennel Start off by taking the crate and placing it into an often used area of your home, preferably in the kitchen, living room, or family room – someplace where your family spends a decent amount of time. Leave the crate on the floor, and open up the door. · Learning how to train a Labrador puppy can be a long and difficult road, but it’s met with many rewards and milestones. From house training to crate training learning how to train a Labrador puppy is an important step for them to be an obedient dog.Continued Using a Crate to House Train Puppy. A crate can be a good idea for house training your puppy, at least in the short term. It will allow you to keep an eye on him for signs he needs to go and teach him to hold it until you open the crate and let him outside.How to Crate Train Your puppy. start crate training your puppy on its first night. Place the crate in your bedroom where the puppy can still see and hear what is going on. Put a blanket or towels in the crate for bedding. A pup will rarely soil the crate, however, if he does, try removing the bedding.

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